Flat drive belts

  • with coating made of chrome gap, textile weave, elastomer or neoprene (R)

  • by the meter, endless or endlessly prepared belt

  • glued, welded or mechanical connections

  • abased on your technical requirements


Conveyor belts and processing belts

  • with tension cords made of polyester (PET), Aramid (Nomex, Kevlar(R), glass fiber and cottons

  • available as bands made of standard polyurethane (PU), polyvinylchloride (PVC) and needle punched felt

  • alternatively with additional coatings in smooth or structured constructions (designed for your requests from the chemistry up to the food industry)


Applications of drive & material handling technology

  • flat belts and double v-belts made of leather are available as open-ended, joined endless or prepared joined endless belts, which can also be equipped with hook connections

  • coating material for flat belts, timing belts and conveyor belts

  • Leather round belts