Tecnamic was established in 1906 when the Desch machine factory was founded. Already then, the focus apart from the core fields also lay on the field of belt drives. Over the years, the product portfolio was expanded to include rigid and flexible couplings and other elements of the drive train. The growing importance of the sale of standardised drive components led to the establishment of its own strategic sales unit in the years following. This was the beginning of the Desch Power Transmission Center (DPC). 

Since that time, Tecnamic has become a leading importer and manufacturer of belt-driven drive components in Europe. As this business unit increasingly established its own distinct profile compared to other business units. The strategic decision was reached in 2010 to separate off this DPC sales unit and found the DESCH DPC GmbH & Co KG. With its own new logistic-center and sales structure, this represented a major milestone within the DPC success story.

To reinforce the strengths of Tecnamic even further, a joint venture was set up with the Arntz Optibelt Group in 2016. In 2017 already, the Arntz Optibelt Group acquired a majority shareholding in DESCH DPC GmbH & Co KG with the aim, to strengthen the market position for rigid and flexible couplings as well as the field of standard and special belt drives in Europe.

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