High-quality roller chains "Made in Germany" from Wippermann or price-conscious import chains from Witra: who offers everything from one source? 

The answer has to be: Tecnamic, because we have formed an alliance with the chain manufacturer Wippermann, from which you as a quality-conscious customer can profit daily. Precision steel link chains in pitches from 5 mm to 100 mm are manufactured in Germany with the most modern production facilities. The quality assurance system according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2020 permanently monitors development, design, production and assembly.

Characteristics of these high-quality products, which you can obtain from us immediately from stock, are e.g. high bearing ratio of the link plate bore, optimum heat treatment, photo-electronic control of the end product with environmentally friendly production, high fatigue strength and breaking strength.

Besides the standard roller chains and the price-conscious import chain Witra, we also offer leaf chains, hollow pin chains and bush chains from the Wippermann range. Further focal points are the realization of special customer requirements, e.g. maintenance-free chains, corrosion-resistant chains and special chains with flights.

According to DIN 8187-1 (ISO 606) & DIN 8188-1 (ISO 606)

We also offer sprockets (pre-drilled, machined), sprockets for taper bushes, special sprockets and special sprockets.