Tecnamic offers you an extensive range of high-quality special chains "Made in Germany" from our partner Wippermann.

The range of industrial chains is as versatile and demanding as the needs from the most diverse industries. We offer the highest quality and thus durable performance of the components even under demanding operating conditions.

For the diverse areas of application of drive chains, hoist chains, drive chains and conveyor chains, we thus also offer the best solutions for your drive from an economic point of view. This also applies to attachments required for the functional extension of roller chains and other chain types.

Areas of application

Special and industrial chains are used in numerous applications throughout general mechanical and plant engineering, such as conveyor and transport systems, cranes, industrial trucks, packaging machines, agriculture and forestry, as well as in mining and heavy industry.

Delivery programme excerpt

  • Leaf chains LL-series according to ISO 4347

  • Leaf chains BL-series according to ISO 4347

  • Roller chains with attachment plates

  • Hollow pin chains

  • Accumulator chains

  • Clip chains

  • Rocker arm attachment chains

  • Side bow chains

  • Slat conveyor chains

  • Machine tool chains

  • Toothed chains

  • Conveyor chains

Flyer chain
Tecnamic flyer chain
Tecnamic chains with plastic clips
Tecnamic chains with plastic clips
Tecnamic side bow chains
Tecnamic side bow chains