Tecnamic offers you high-quality, low-priced imported roller chains and connecting links from our partner Witra.

Roller chains are widely used in mechanical and plant engineering. They are not only used as drive and gear chains, but also as drive, hoist and conveyor chains, as well as in special designs with different attachments for transport and conveying purposes. With suitable attachments, roller chains offer special functionalities and thus cover a wide range of applications.


  • Extensive standard range of many types and dimensions

  • Insensitive to temperature influences and contamination

  • Easy to extend and shorten

  • Interchangeable with many market competitors

  • Easy assembly and disassembly

  • No pretension

  • Positive transmission without slippage

Application areas

Roller chains are used in numerous applications throughout general mechanical and plant engineering, such as conveyor and assembly systems, packaging machines, agriculture and forestry, as well as in mining and heavy industry.

Delivery programme

    • Roller chains according to DIN 8187-1 / ISO 606 (European design)

    • Long-link roller chains according to ISO 1275 (European design)

    • Roller chains according to DIN 8188-1 / ISO 606 (American type)

    • Long-link roller chains according to ISO 1275 (American type, with straight plates)

    • Roller chains according to ISO 606 (American design, reinforced)

    • Roller chains with straight plates

    • Stainless steel roller chains

    • Roller chains in nickel-plated design

    • Leaf chains LL-series according to ISO 4347

    • Leaf chains BL-series according to ISO 4347

    • Roller chains with straight attachment plates

    • Hollow pin chains

    • Roller chains with U-bolts

    • Roller chains with elastomer profiles

    • Conveyor chains for the wood industry