The Hadeflex F coupling is a torsionally flexible, flexible and encapsulated claw coupling made of grey cast iron with elastomer elements.

These rubber elements made of NBR are the heart of the elastomer coupling. They transmit the torque and compensate for axial, radial and angular shaft misalignments. If the flexible elements are destroyed by overload or advanced wear, input and output are separated from each other.

The Hadeflex F cam coupling is available in two different designs. The coupling type FW is a two-piece design consisting of a pocket part (part 1) and a one-piece claw part (part 2). 

The shaft coupling type FNW is a three-part design consisting of a pocket part (part 1) and a screwed claw part (part 4+5). This design allows easy replacement of the coupling sets without dismantling the coupling hubs or the motor.

The coupling hubs are standard for cylindrical finish bores with keyway and set screw, which we insert according to customer specifications. In addition, special bores or profile splines are also possible on request.



  • Extensive standard range

  • High availability

  • Maintenance-friendly

  • Vibration-damping

  • Simple assembly

  • Compact design

  • Resilient

  • Suitable for use according to 2014/34/EU (ATEX)


Areas of application

The areas of application of the Hadeflex F compensating coupling can be found in all general mechanical and plant engineering, such as pumps and compressors, conveyor systems, mixers, fans, etc. Due to the encapsulated design, it is also very well suited for applications in adverse environmental conditions such as cement works, quarries, gravel and ballast works, etc.

Size/bore diameter
and max. nominal torques

1 11-15 mm 12 Nm
2 11-18 mm 16 Nm
3 11-28 mm 24 Nm
4 11-30 mm 30 Nm
5 13-38 mm 50 Nm
6 18-42 mm 110 Nm
7 21-50 mm 150 Nm
8 26-65 mm 310 Nm
9 34-80 mm 480 Nm
9a 40-90 mm 860 Nm
10 45-105 mm 1.220 Nm
10a 55-110 mm 1.760 Nm
11 60-125 mm 2.480 Nm
12 70-140 mm 3.830 Nm
13 90-160 mm 5.730 Nm
14 100-180 mm 9.550 Nm
15 130-200 mm 12.880 Nm
16 130-220 mm 20.000 Nm
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