Tecnamic - open-ended Timing Belt made of Chloroprene with glass-fibre tension cord 3M

Strongbelt linear timing belts made of chloroprene with glass fibre tensile member are finite timing belts manufactured from spiral cut coils.

Due to their optimised tooth shape, they can be used universally in HTD and RPP timing belt pulleys.



  • Maintenance-free

  • High tensile strength

  • Low elongation

  • High positioning accuracy

  • Temperature resistant from -30 °C to +100 °C


Areas of application

Within the scope of its properties, the yard goods can be used in a variety of ways for linear drives with medium to high loads in the entire field of mechanical engineering.




3M on rolls of 30 m
5M on rolls of 30 m
8M on rolls of 30 m
3MHP on rolls of 30 m
5MHP on rolls of 30 m
8MHP on rolls of 30 m