optibelt BLUE POWER - High performance wedge belts and kraftbands

The new optibelt BLUE POWER high performance wrapped wedge belt has a high-strength aramid cord, and is suitable as an individual belt, in a set or as a kraftband and is particularly suited for large, heavily loaded drives.

The optibelt BLUE POWER wedge belt has about twice the capacity of a wedge belt in the standard technical design. This translates to up to 100% extra performance.

Product features

  • Aramidcord - extremely low stretch

  • For heavy loaded drives

  • Suitable for back bend idlers

  • Temperature range -30°C to +100°C

  • Electrically conductive

Sections and lengths

SPB 1500 - 8000 mm
SPC 2000 - 9000 mm
8V/25N 160 - 355 in / 4064 - 9017 mm
other dimensions on request