Strongbelt maximum pluris - higher performance raw edge high power V-belt

Strongbelt maximum pluris is the new higher performance raw edge high power V-belt. The combination – extrem­ely low-stretch tension cord, highly abrasion-resistant chloroprene rubber with incorporated transverse fibres and carefully designed moulded cogs – guarantees versatile operational possi­bilities in all branches of machine building.



  • Unmeasured set usable due to Strongbelt 'L' equal length; no set codes required

  • Very low belt elongation

  • High performance; up to 15 % higher performance compared to standard belts

  • Cost reduction due to weight and installation space savings

  • Small pulley diameters

  • Precise running smoothness

  • High efficiency

  • Extreme transverse stiffness

  • Low-maintenance application

  • Temperature resistant from -40 °C to +120 °C

  • Suitable for back rollers

  • Low maintenance

  • Antistatic ISO 1813


Application areas

The Strongbelt maximum pluris is particularly suitable for applications where compact drive systems are required, such as compressors, fans, pumps, lathes and drilling machines, as well as a multitude of other applications in machine and special machine construction. 

Strongbelt 'L'= equal length

All Strongbelt maximum pluris V-belts with open flanks and shaped teeth are marked with 'L'= equal length and can be used unmeasured in sets. Therefore, V-belts of one nominal length can be combined as desired. Set code numbers are superfluous, there is no set bundling.

The result: stock-keeping is reduced, costs are lowered.

In a Strongbelt maximum V-belt set, only V-belts of this new belt generation may be used because of the significantly higher-quality construction. A set combination of Strongbelt maximum with conventional open-flanked V-belts is not permitted.



Sections and lengths

XPZ 587 - 3550 mm
XPA 707 - 3550 mm
XPB 1250 - 5000 mm
XPC 2000 - 5000 mm
Strongbelt maximum on request