V-ribbed belts Strongbelt forma

The V-ribbed belts Strongbelt forma according to DIN 7867 / ISO 9982 combine the high flexibility of a flat belt with the strong performance of a V-belt.

The ribbed belts are well suited for operation with idler pulleys and meet above all the requirements of drives with high speeds at the smallest possible pulley diameters.



  • High belt speeds

  • Low belt elongation

  • Low vibration and noise

  • Insensitive to torque shocks

  • High power capacity

  • Precise running smoothness

  • Small pulley diameters

  • Temperature resistant from -30 °C to +90 °C


Areas of application

The areas of application of the Strongbelt forma range from lightly loaded drives, e.g. household appliances, medical equipment, small roller conveyors to highly loaded compressors, fans as well as drives in construction and agricultural machinery or the paper industry.

Sections and lengths

PH 698 - 2155 mm
PJ 280 - 2489 mm
PK 630 - 2845 mm
PL 335 - 1270 mm
PM 2286 - 15266 mm