Our high-quality V-belt pulleys are made of grey cast iron EN-GJL-200 (old GG-20) according to DIN 2211/2217 or ISO 4183 and are available for cylindrical bores and for taper clamping bushes.

The taper bush system offers a simple, cost-effective and flexible variant of the shaft-hub connection. Due to the internationally standardised sizes of the taper bushings, changes to the bore diameters can be implemented easily and quickly from stock.

All our tapered pulleys are balanced as standard according to DIN ISO 21940 (old DIN ISO 1940), with a balancing quality of at least G16. For high speeds or special requirements, the pulleys can also be balanced in higher balancing grades G6.3 or G2.5 on request.


  • Extensive standard range of many profiles and dimensions

  • High availability

  • Favourable price-performance ratio

  • Interchangeable due to international standardisation

  • Simple assembly

  • High running smoothness due to balanced discs

  • Low wear

In addition to our standard range, we specialise in the design and manufacture of pulleys with the American profiles 3V, 5V and 8V, as well as special designs according to individual customer specifications.

Areas of application

The areas of application are found in the entire general machine and plant construction, as well as in agricultural and forestry technology.


Sections and lengths
For taper clamping bush

TB SPZ/10 Ø50x1 to Ø630x6
TB SPA/13 Ø63x1 to Ø630x5
TB SPA/17 Ø100x1 to Ø1250x8
TB SPC/22 Ø200x1 to Ø1250x12

For cylindrical bore

SPZ/10 Ø45x1 to Ø355x3
SPA/13 Ø50x1 to Ø560x5
SPB/17 Ø56x1 to Ø630x6
SPC/22 Ø180x1 to Ø630x6