Strongbelt cursus - wrapped wedge belt

The Strongbelt cursus is a high-performance narrow V-belt with a low-stretch tension member. It is a further development of the classic V-belt according to DIN 2215 with considerably higher performance data and was designed especially with regard to the increased requirements in mechanical engineering. 



  • Strongbelt 'L' allows for unmeasured set usage

  • Low belt elongation

  • High efficiency of almost 97%.

  • Favourable price-performance ratio

  • Precise running smoothness

  • Low maintenance application

  • Temperature resistant from -40 °C to +70 °C

  • Antistatic according to ISO 1813


Areas of application

The areas of application for Strongbelt cursus range from lightly loaded drives, such as centrifugal pumps, to heavily loaded grinding mills and stone crushers.

 Strongbelt 'L'= equal length

All wrapped Strongbelt cursus narrow V-belts are marked with 'L'= equal length and can be used unmeasured in a set. Therefore, V-belts of one nominal length can be combined in any way. Set code numbers are superfluous, there is no set bundling.

The result: stock-keeping is reduced, costs are lowered.

Sections and lengths

SPZ 487 - 3550 mm
SPA 732 - 4500 mm
SPB 1250 - 8000 mm
SPC 2000 - 12500 mm
3V/9N 635 - 3556 mm
5V/15N 1270 - 9017 mm
8V/25N 2540 - 12700 mm