Clamping sets are friction-locked shaft-hub connections and are suitable for the precise fastening of, for example, V-belt pulleys, toothed belt pulleys, sprockets, as well as couplings or flanges on shafts.

Due to the frictionally engaged press connection, not only the highest torques but also axial and radial loads as well as bending moments can be transmitted reliably and without play.

Tecnamic clamping elements are a cost-effective alternative to conventional wedge, key or shrink connections and have very good concentricity properties. In addition, they are characterised by simple and quick assembly and disassembly, as well as freedom from maintenance and wear.


  • Extensive standard range of many types and dimensions

  • Favourable price-performance ratio

  • Backlash-free shaft-hub connection

  • Interchangeable with many market competitors

  • Easy assembly and disassembly with standard tools

  • High power density

  • Maintenance-free

Application areas

Due to the wide range of uses of the taper clamping elements in pulleys (V-belts, toothed belts, ribbed belts, etc.), chain and flywheels, conveyor belt pulleys and shaft couplings, they can be used in numerous applications throughout general mechanical and plant engineering, as well as in mining and heavy industry.

Type, bore diameter and torques

BK11/CE08 25-220 mm 799-167.805 Nm
BK13/CE05 19-180 mm 273-34.866 Nm
BK15/CE16 14-50 mm 234-1.620 Nm
BK16/CE07 19-180 mm 243-32.057 Nm
BK19/CE14 24-175 mm 162-45.000 Nm
BK26/CE11 15-60 mm 77-1.379 Nm
BK61/CE17 10-50 mm 19-2.019 Nm
BK70/CE04 19-180 mm 307-50.418 Nm
BK71/CE06 19-180 mm 202-33.417 Nm
BK80/CE02 8-150 mm 39-27.305 Nm

Not self-centering

BK40/CE01 19-320 mm 298-264.108 Nm
BK50/CE03 12-100 mm 10-3.450 Nm